Jessie Rushing


With more than 20 years combined experience in accounting, data management, and software engineering, Jessie is driven by SRE values of reliability and continuous improvement.

Over her career through 9 leadership roles, she has grown a startup that reached $20+ million annual gross, been a consultant and trusted advisor to growing companies in the $5 to $50 million range, and scaled SaaS hosting infrastructure globally from Heroku to GKE.

Jessie is a proactive & collaborative engineering leader and web developer, dedicated to helping companies scale for growth, increase efficiency, and maximize effectiveness.

Just Poly Things

My latest endeavor is an affiliate marketing site for members of the Consensually Non Monogamous community. Having practiced solo-polyamory myself since 2014, I wanted to build a resource hub for people living a CNM/ENM lifestyle.


Comments Hosting for Webflow

I developed a Webflow integration with the best open source commenting platform out there, CommentsHome provides secure comments hosting services backed by MongoDB Atlas, and Google Cloud to Webflow sites.

My mom is a very talented artist, and I assist her with her web presence. In 2023 I helped her create a portfolio site on Squarespace to show off her amazing work. It was important to select a platform that would be easy for her to update going forward.

Support for is no longer active, but I still maintain the support site, and make the tools available for download. A long time ago, I developed some handy software utility applications designed for bookkeepers and accountants and sold them on an ecommerce site.